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The Tarhankut sights

For all comers we recommend “safari” over the Crimea steppe by driving with stopover at “the Love Bowl Bay”, to the Djangul Spot and the Morskoe Spot, over the Grand Athlesh shore to archeological excavations of the Belyaus (the Greek-Scythian settlement dd. IV B.C. - I A.D.), the Grand Kastel with its ruins dd. IV B.C. and ancient spring water well in 10 meters from the surf line, the Small Castel with its fish factory since earl Vorontsov lived, Ureth cape and et al.

The Love Bowl Bay

People say: “If you want to stay with your darling, you should fearlessly leap forward with join hands and let Eternal Love be with you !“ This natural pool surrounded with boulders, resemble a heart in the form. There is a traditional ceremony of loving couple feelings test – they should come to the edge of the Love Bowl and simultaneously leap down with join hands. If hands remain joined, love will last forever.

The Djangul Spot

The Djangul having been a deserted landslide spot extended for 8 km is also considered to be a magical place with astonished energetic power equated with the Tibet one. This locality with its mysterious name “Djangul” appears as a mirage among the Western Crimea boundless steppes. The Djangul charms any traveler with its wild beauty born in the elements struggle.

The high shores boulders of strange forms and figures descend into the sea by transforming into the sand and fantastic sculptures. Fairyland Djangul full of nightingale songs abounds of beautiful bays, grottos, sandy beeches and small ravines twined with ivy and flowers in bloom.

Steppe land comes very close to the sea here. Giant rock plots under effect of some nature catastrophe moved aside from the shore and began to slip down. So they stood still by the very sea, having overgrown with grass and bushes. One can drive along the shore to discern this immense monument with chaos pilling up of landslip limestone boulders in all its beauty. Roll up to see this fairy sight and name each sculpture made by sun and wind!

The Morskoe Spot

The Morskoe (Turkic Oyrath) Spot is situated in 1 km from Marino on high shore with easy slope to a fine sandy beech 200 meters long.

The Grand Athlesh cast

The Grand Athlesh cast (Greek Athlesh - fire) is a unique tourist attraction of the Tarhankut. Exotic cast scilicet huge rocks and fanciful steep shores stretch for 8 kilometers. Unlike the Small Athlesh the Grand Athlesh is notable with the spit Chucha which recedes into the sea distance and werethrough 84 meters long tunnel passes.

On the cast there were shot the following films “The Amphibian Man”, “Pirates of the 20th century”, “Marina”, “A Hero in these latter days” and others. The Grand Athlesh exotic cast extents for 8 kilometers between Mariiono and Olenevka settlements. There is also an ancient Tarhankut lighthouse founded in 1861 on the edge point of the cape. Not far away from Tarhankut there are the Red Toe cape and the Ureth cape.

The Small Athlesh

Fascinated rocks, caves, boundless sandy beeches, mysterious underwater world – all these things persistently attract tourists, vacationers, adventure holiday-makers, diving devotees, surfers, scuba diver, archeologists and scientists to this fantastic land. At present this is the most ecological clean the Black sea area of water.

The Tarhankut underwater museum

The gem of the Tarhankut underwater world is the only one of this kind underwater museum of the communist leaders busts drowned at a depth of 12 meters, so-called “Chiefs Alley”. On the sea bottom divers enthusiasts made an underwater gallery of former communist chiefs and SSSR leaders, which constantly replenishes with exhibits.

The ancient Belyaus settlement

The ancient Belyaus settlement is located near the Donuzlav Lake. Despite external asceticism these lands were inhabited since earliest times. In ancient times there were Hellenes here, their settlement ruins still remain nowadays.

Within many centuries the Belyaus settlement was under development and adaption by the Greek and after all it was taken by the Scythians. Nowadays this excavated the Greek-Scythian settlement (dd. IV B.C. - II A.D) is located so close to the sea so it gradually flushes away by the sea. Roll up!

At those families service that come here not only for sea and sunbaths we have lots of different excursions and marines all over the Tarhankut peninsula.

Safari over Crimean steppe

«Safari» over Crimean steppe

The Love Bowl Bay

The Love Bowl Bay

Swimming in the Love Bowl BayThe Djangul Spot

The Djangul Spot

Sank ship near the Djangul

The Djangul Spot

Crimean Horses

The Athlesh

The Athlesh. The Crocodile Rock Туннель - символ Атлеша

Тhe Tarhankut lighthouse

The Grand Kastel Harbour

The Grand Kastel Harbour

Ancient settlement Belyaus
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