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Diving on the Tarhankut in the Crimea

The Tarhankut - is the best place for diving in the Crimea, it is chosen by divers and underwater hunters long time ago. There are picturesque shores, transparent pure water, exotic bottom and plenty of fish, crabs and shellfishes. It takes only to get on mask and flippers and underwater world fans get a great pleasure.

Diving on the Tarhankut is to be an opportunity to research sea depths, discover underwater world secrets, and touch to history and marks of the past times. Seawater is pure and transparent near the rocky steeps of the Tarhankut peninsula, and local underwater landscapes are magical. In the past there were often shipwrecks there. One still can find amphorae, ancient weapons; coins and other articles from sank ships. So many divers are obsessed by archeological rush.

The Tarhankut underwater museum

Another sight of the Tarhankut is the only one of this kind underwater museum so-called “Chiefs Alley”. On the sea bottom divers-enthusiasts made an underwater gallery of former communist chiefs and SSSR leaders busts drowned at a depth of 12 meters and 100 meters from the shore.

Diving training

There are many professional diving clubs for diving experts on the Tarhankut as there are many wreck diving objects (sank ships and planes) in this region. We help you to choose a professional instructor who will teach you to dive and carry out an agreed number of diving.

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