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Holidays in the Crimea!

Holidays at the seaside in the Crimea are long-expected and pleasant for everyone. We are ready to work hard all the year round for these days of complete happiness – the sun, sea and beech. There are not so many places where our dream comes true but you yearn for peace, unity with nature and pure sea. Undoubtedly, one can go to familiar places in the Crimea, Turkey or Egypt but we go there every year, so you crave for new impressions, breathing deeply fresh air and beauties of nature around take your breath away.

Discover holidays on the Tarhankut peninsula!

The Crimea resorts

The Western cast of the Black sea is famed for health-improving resorts of the Crimea. Nature provided the Western Crimea with medical and healing qualities. Sea climate is very successfully combined with steppe one and favourable for many deceases treatment filling with life-giving nature energy.

The sea and steppe are the main factors that define the Western Crimea climate. Lack of woodlands and other natural obstacles favour constant steppe winds and sea breezes circulation that form the Tarhankut climate peculiarities. Sea breezes penetrate far into the Tarhankut, bringing coolness and pure, healing, salted, ionized and steppe herbal scented air flows. It is always easily to breathe here, even in scorching days.

The Crimea resorts on the Western Coast of the Black sea are famous as places for family and children. The Tarhankut cape foreland differs from the rest of the Western Crimea: sandy beaches take turns with fine pebble shores of warm shallow water bays, sheer limestone hills of 30-50 meters high and rocky steeps, rising above absolutely pure sea.

The Tarhankut is environmentally clean water area of the Crimea cast. This place has a special importance for diving devotees as the sea is amazingly clean near the Tarhankut shores and sank ships are comparatively not at a great depth.

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