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Entertainments and leisure time

Pool – enjoy the play!

Traditional pool and its varieties are one of the most favorite entertainments, as this play seems to be so easy but still may entice virtually everyone. Many experts compare pool with chess – this play demands concentration and exactness, move cogitation and accuracy in the same way, because you know to win it’s necessary not only pocket the balls but to hinder your rival from doing the same.

Traditional format of the play supposes two players, however when a tournament is arranged all the company may compete with in.

Different pool tricks implementation is rather fascinating pastime, for example, experts may throw a coin into a glass by a billiard ball.

A play costs 50 hrn/hour


What is exactly riding? This is an active time under the open sky. This is sport skills acquisition, wonderful animals meeting, full-fledged rest, an opportunity to distract from city vanity. Ridings organized at our hotel have different routes around the Marino settlement. One can admire a picturesque steppe and feel as a real rider.

Riding has a contract price


For those who want to feel a tavern atmosphere and spend one of unforgettable evenings we recommend to attend our bar. A barman offers you different drinks and dainty cocktails to have a rattling time.

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