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Peninsula Tarhankut photos

Discover holidays on the Tarhankut peninsula!

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Atlesh photos

The Grand Athlesh cast (Greek Athlesh - fire) is a unique tourist attraction of the Tarhankut. Exotic cast scilicet huge rocks and fanciful steep shores stretch for 8 kilometers. On the cast there were shot the following films “The Amphibian Man”, “Pirates of the 20th century”, “Marina”, “A Hero in these latter days” and others.

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Djangul photos

The Djangul having been a deserted landslide spot extended for 8 km is also considered to be a magical place with astonished energetic power equated with the Tibet one. This locality with its mysterious name “Djangul” appears as a mirage among the Western Crimea boundless steppes. The Djangul charms any traveler with its wild beauty born in the elements struggle.

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Hotel Larino photos

The hotel “Larino” reminds one of those oriental towns in miniature – beauty, comfortable and hospitable spot. Picturesque locality gladdens the eye with enormous amount of the sun and clean sea. Sickened of urban vanity guests will rejoice at peace and the song of birds in restful shady arbours with pergolas over the garden benches, and also amuse with the special barbecue party.

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