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The Tarhankut is the place you want to come back

The Tarhankut having being a clean part of nature with its healing climate, inimitable nature and places reserve is the unique Crimea health resort.

Unlike the Southern cast of Black Sea, there is no such a lush on the Tarhankut peninsula, but the Western Cast has its own unique charm owing to many peculiarities, namely space and free wind of steppe protected, rocky steeps that make inimitable image, absolutely clean and emerald seawater smooth.

Advantages of Holidays on the Tarhankut

The main advantage of having holidays on Tarhankut for numerous tourists and guests is the remoteness from big cities and environmental cleanness what enabled this land to stay primordial fresh and beautiful. Wild beaches and undeveloped infrastructure are only the advantage for romantic rest and unity with nature.

The Tarhankut sights

The Tarhankut is unique with its astonished sights, which guests may see at tours: the Grand Athlesh, Small Athlesh , Love Bowl Bay, ancient settlement Belyaus – the rest of ancient Greek settlements, the biggest one is ancient Greek polis Каlos-Limen (Beatiful Harbour). Diving devotees may attend underwater museum of the Tarhankut called “the Chiefs Alley” If you want to get new impressions or to fill with fresh air, or being shocked with the beauty around, go to the Djangul!

Diving on the Tarhankut

The Tarhakut is one of the best places for diving in the Crimea. The Tarhankut underwater world is astonished and unique place, which cannot leave indifferent not only diving experts but also scuba diving devotees or just skin divers.

The Tarhankut on the Crimea map

The Tarhankut on the Crimea map is the least populated territory. The main inhabited localities are Chernomorskoe, Marino, Krasnoselskoe, Mezhvodnoe, Olenevka and Okunevka settlements.

The Western extremity of the Tarhankut peninsula is the Priboyniy cape. On the southwest of the peninsula there is also the Tarhankut cape, where an ancient lighthouse being 42 meters high is situated.

Be inspired by the Black Sea energy for a year!

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