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The Tarhankut cape beaches

Estate hotel estate “Larino” does perfectly for family holidays in the Crimea as we and nature take care of you to have a harmonic rest, and positive holidays impressions stick in you memory for entire year!

Clean sea, not populous beeches, unique steppe and sea air combination can’t leave you indifferent. This land unspoiled with civilization and human unconcern have been stayed primordial fresh and beautiful. These are the best family holidays by the sea for those who get tired of city vanity.

Rocky pebble beach

Everyone will find a place for rest and relaxation on this picturesque sea shore to its own liking. Having come down to the sea (100 meters), the guests may have found the clean sea with cozy bays and underwater grottos, so beautiful and uncommon shapes of precipitous and rocky sea cast.

The rest on the wild beaches not far from Marino settlement is also recommended. Secluded sandy areas take turns with rocky cast, grottos and plateaus - remarkable places for romantic unity with nature, fascinating underwater shooting and diving. Wild beaches and undeveloped infrastructure are only the advantage for romantic rest and unity with nature.

Sandy beaches

An extensive sandy beach being an ideal for family holidays placed in 1,7 km from the hotel, so it’s so convenient to get there for those who have the cars. Clean open sea area, small populous beach with sea shell sand, gentle sloping to the sea and well warmed shallow water are the great places for children health improvement. Small sea shell sand allows the water to stay transparent even if it’s rough sea, that’s why the water here is often crystal emerald.

The Tarhankut sea purity

There so few untouched by civilization places, where primordial fresh nature charms with its beauty and sea purity on the Black sea cast in the Crimea.

The Tarhankut cape is famous with its pure sea and unique underwater world for scuba divers. Even those people who had never scuba diving and heard not a word about the Tarhankut, are well acquainted with its inimitable underwater bottom outlines and these places purity.

On the cast there were shot the following soviet films “The Amphibian Man”, “Pirates of the 20th century”, “Men and dolphins”, “Taman”, “Dreams of Grin” and “Peter Pen”.

Underwater world fans get a great pleasure. It takes only to get on mask and flippers and there are plenty accessible interesting underwater objects placed practically afloat, not in far depths.

Be inspired by the Black Sea energy for a year!

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