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The Tarhankut climate peculiarities

The Tarhankut dry steppe air full of lemon wormwood and motley herbs – is quite out of comparable assistance to restore the lost immunity of our organism, and all these have especially beneficial effect on our children health improvement. The Tarhankut climate advantages are easy heat tolerance owing to day and night breezes and what is especially important for little children is easy acclimatization for adults and children.

Sea breezes present itself as a natural inhaler with calcium, sodium, bromine, iodine, potassium ions and many other important components presence.

The Tarhankut nature and climate

The Tarhankut has a very interesting geographical position on the map that has an influence upon local nature and climate peculiarities. Local vegetation is steppe, cereals, motley grass and there is brushwood in gullies. Large land spaces are taken under farming, including vineyards, gardens and pastures.

Summer season is open early in June and considered to be the hottest month (comparing to the other health resorts of the Crimea) because of an air dryness. From April till October it’s shining on the Tarhankut, and seawater on July-August warms up +28°C. At an average, there are 280 sunny days annually on the peninsula.

Uncommon coastline shape, golden sandy beeches, cozy rocky bays and grottos, healing steppe air - all this astonish the mind’s eye!

Holidays on the Tarhankut will stick in your memory for a long time!

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